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Deputies search for suspected car burglar He was wearing a long sleeve grey shirt with a ball cap with a white emblem on the center of the ball cap," said Richmond County Sergeant Shane McDaniel. "He entered a vehicle that was unsecured and stole a Mastercard,"said McDaniel. He sayssays cheap Chargers jerseys the suspect used the card several times including at a BP gas station on Gordon Highway. He was last seen in a white Dodge Charger withwith wholesale cheap Chargers jerseys china sunroof and dark tinted windows. "I would think that people would be more careful," said shopper Nicole Jenkins. She said she takes no chances when leaving herher wholesale Chargers cheap jerseys car unoccupied. "I just lock it and make sure I don't have anything lying out that might look appealing to somebody," said Jenkins. Apparently, not everyone thinks that way. News 12 went back to the scene of the crime the Gold's Gym parking lot. News 12 took a look through the windows of about ten cars and found several that had pocketbooks, CD's and GPS systems in plain view. We also found a similar situation outside some stores along Robert C. Daniel Jr Parkway. Inside one vehicle that had tinted windows, we spottedspotted cheap Chargers jerseys a pocketbook. "If I have anythinganything wholesale cheap Chargers jerseys china it would either go in the trunk or under the seat if it's small enough," shopper Rebecca Virga said. Meanwhile, they are urging folks in the community to be more vigilant when leaving their vehicles unoccupied. "We encourage people, take that extra twenty seconds to secure your vehicle," McDaniel said. In all, News 21 peered into about 20 car windows and about half of the vehicles contained some personal items that police say should always be hidden from view.